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Red5 is a media server created with Java language. It is a free open source software but recently a new version Red5 Pro came out developed by the same people, this new version supports streaming to mobiles, Android or iOS, which red5 does not. The Red5 Pro is commercial product and costs $55 per server.

A media server allows Flash based applications connect to it using Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). The server can send and receive data to and from the connected users who have a flash player installed. The server also allows users to receive and publish streams. This permits video chat applications, live streaming and even ondemand video streaming.

Most common Video chat software’s are:
1- Avchat
2- Videowhisper
3- Prochatrooms
4- Gchats

For live streaming the necessary tool if you already have a server with red5 installed is an encoder, an encoder is the software that will connect your computer to the red5 server using the RTMP, which your server provider will give you.
1- FMLE, it is an free Adobe product and does a good job.
2- Wirecast, it is an expensive commercial product of very high quality, absolutely necessary if you starting a TV station.

Although red5 is a free product many people prefer to use Wowza Streaming Engine or Adobe Flash Media Server which are commercial software’s and can be quite expensive, the FMS costs $4500 per server. The reason is that the developers of red5 although have created a wonderful system did not spend much time with tutorials and instructions on how to install and manage a red5 server, for this reason if you searching for a red5 server we suggest you pick a web host which specializes on red5 servers and red5 shared hosting.

1- Red5 Servers relatively cheap red5 servers starting at $15 a month.
2- Red5 Hosting, Hosting Marketers, a web host for experienced webmasters, it is the oldest hosting company specialized on Video and media servers, they also offer Wowza Streaming Engine on its shared plans. They have a very experienced customer support and a reputation for going out of their way to help customers. They starting plan with Red5 enabled costs $9.95 a month. Most other red5 hosting companies are resellers of Hosting Marketers.

Red5 is a formidable media server, extremely flexible and has the advantage of being a free product with with many people working on developing it, for now the main version does not yet work with mobiles, if that is what you need we suggest that instead of using the Red5 Pro version to use the Wowza instead. Hosting Marketers also offers Wowza, in fact they even offer a 3 days free trial.

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Some questions and answers about red5

How to compile Red5 from source?

You need Java SE Development Kit (JDK) and Apache Ant (a Java-based build tool) installed to compile/build Red5 yourself.
What ports are used by Red5 server?

By default Red5 runs under Jetty WebServer and the following ports are used:
RTMP: 1935
RTMPT: 8088
HTTP servlet engine: 5080 (Tomcat uses 8080)
Debug proxy port: 1936

RTMP and RTMPT are protocols for video/audio communication ( The latter protocol is a wrapper (HTTP tunneling) as a fallback if port 1935 is blocked. The HTTP servlet engine is the ‘webpage’-server like Apache and IIS (Internet Information Server). Normally this service runs on port 80. Finally port 1936 is used. I don’t know its purpose and how to use it.
When I connect from flash to my red5-server-app I get NetConnection.Connect.Failed

Probably another Red5 server is still running (e.g. NT red5 service).
How to fetch the latest source and compile it into a WAR file?

On Linux use the command ‘svn’ (subversion) to obtain the sources and use ‘ant’ (apache ant) to compile to a war file. (Look also in Howtos!)
Is there a way to save an image (screen capture) from Flash using Red5?

There are a bunch of implementations without(!) Red5. The idea is to freeze the local video screen, scan all pixels of the video area in a (byte)array and send (HTTP POST) it to a PHP/JSP/ASP/CFM/… webserver. (Another way for this transport is to stream it (RTMP) to the Red5 server.) On the server the pixels are converted to a jpg or gif and stored as an image file. This works from Flash player 8. A visual example:
Complete flash frontend/php backend example by Robert Hall: (look in actionscript -> classes -> flash.display*)
Flash BitmapExporter, Compress and Save Images:
Png encoder in as3 (Flash 9):

Note: the Flash Security Sandbox prevents RTMP streams to be drawn() to BitmapData objects. In AS3 there is a hack possible to circumvent this, but this will probably be fixed in a future update of the Flash player:
Converting audio FLV file to MP3?

Once your FLV file gets to the server, you’d presumably like to do something with it. But the FLV is encoded using a format known as NellyMoser. This is a proprietary codec, and no transcodecs are readily available for it.

So that’s where this tool enters the picture. It will convert NellyMoser encoded FLV files to WAV, which you can then convert to MP3 or whatever else you’d like. It works by leveraging the NellyMoser decoder which is compiled into the standard Flash Player.
How do fix NetConnection.Connect.InvalidApp on begining red5 tutorial

would be great if the author provide a downloadable zip or xml file because lot of people get this error even if you follow the tutorial step by step.